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Beware of Bloggers

Estie2012So many of my patients come into their genetic counseling sessions already experts at the topic we are about to discuss. Or so they think…

I am finding that more and more of my patients believe that what they read on a website is the absolute truth. The problem is that while the internet has great resources for just about anything, it’s important to take everything you read with a grain of salt. Often people who have had bad experiences write about them for the public to read; facts are misconstrued and blame is placed on the wrong people.

My husband, who recently broke his kneecap and had obsessively googled for information about this injury, went to his orthopedist and asked him why he was choosing a particular method of treatment over another one. The doctor replied, “What do you do for a living?” He said, “I practice immigration law.” The doctor responded, “ And I am not pretending that I do.”

I encourage you to do research and keep up with what’s new in medicine and genetics. Your providers will appreciate having an interested patient! However, I urge you to be careful and to get your information from trustworthy websites. Don’t take what you read from disgruntled parents and patients seriously. Each case is different and while some people might have had bad experiences, it does not mean that you will too.

Here are some great (and reputable!) resources:

Genetics Home Reference

Genetic Alliance’s Understanding Genetics

MedLine Plus

Understanding Medical Words: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine

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