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Welcome to The Gene Scene

Welcome to The Gene Scene!

How is the field of genetics going to change the world of medicine?  What kinds of situations do genetic counselors face on a daily basis?  What kinds of ethical concerns should be taken into consideration before we all go down the “slippery slope” of genetic engineering?  What do the Rabbis say is allowable under Jewish law?

These questions are just examples of what The Gene Scene will cover.

Our genetic counselors and program directors – many of whom have clinical and academic appointments at Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital for Einstein, and Jacobi Medical Center – will share stories, patient scenarios and perspectives from the field of genetics.  We’ll share interesting questions that have been posed by patients and Rabbis.  We also will take stories about genetics that are in the news and provide fresh commentary on what they mean to the common person.

We hope you enjoy The Gene Scene.  Thanks for visiting!

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